Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop

Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop opened their Beverly Hills location in February 2019 with some standard coffee shop offerings such as espresso, hot brew, cappuccinos, lattes, and cold brew, but they really stand out with their ‘Affogato’ which is vanilla ice cream served with a double shot of espresso or their Aussie Iced Latte which is a double shot of espresso poured over whole milk and ice cream.

Additionally, they offer a brunch & lunch menu with salmon toast which is smoked salmon with cream cheese, dill, cracked black pepper & fresh lemon juice on toasted multigrain bread. They also offer avocado toast, a breakfast bowl, almond oatmeal.

CEO Nicholas Stone founded Bluestone Lane in 2013 based on the renowned coffee scene in his home city of Melbourne, Australia. Upon moving to New York, Stone discovered that there was opportunity to provide a broader premium coffee and café experience in the city, rather than one focused on purely transactions and solving a need for caffeine. Bluestone Lane launched by introducing Australian style coffee and its signature Avocado Smash to New York City locals. Soon, the company expanded, spreading artisanal coffee, healthy cafe fare and high quality service across the US.

The name ‘Bluestone Lane’ was inspired by the culturally infused maze of cobblestone laneways spread throughout Melbourne’s CBD. These laneways are known for having a rich art presence, one-off boutiques, unique cafés and hidden nightclubs and bars. Stone aspired to bring a piece of this culture and energy to his coffee shops and cafés in the United States.

Beginning this past Monday, April 22 on Earth Day, Bluestone Lane made the pledge to further contribute to their ‘Think Blue’ sustainability positioning that focuses on reducing the impact Bluestone Lane has on the planet in as many ways as possible. “Having grown up in Australia, when I think of preserving the health of our planet, I think clean blue oceans and clear blue skies,” says Founder & CEO, Nicholas Stone. Bluestone Lane has its own reusable cup that can be purchased in-store and online. The 12oz cup is a custom designed ‘KeepCup,’ an Australian brand that’s recognized for creating the world’s first barista standard reusable coffee cup.

From April 23rd onwards, Bluestone Lane will continue their ‘choose to reuse’ efforts , offering a $0.25 discount on all takeaway beverages purchased in a reusable cup.

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