Want More Out of Your Money?

Calling all residents: Do you know how to get a partial refund of your taxes by going shopping in Beverly Hills?

Every time you make a purchase in the City of Beverly Hills, some of the tax you pay comes right back to our City. That money, in turn, can be spent on City Services, such as tree trimming, maintaining street lamps, repairing driveway aprons, hiring police and fire, supporting education, and many more services that make this city unique and help our property values to rise at a faster rate than most neighboring cities. When you, a resident, spend money here, some of what you spend goes right back to you. Like a refund of cash, you earn a refund in kind. So remember, the next time you need to shop, shop local. If you plan to make a purchase at a store chain, even if it may be more convenient that day to buy in Los Angeles because you are already there, stop yourself.

Some examples of waiting until you get home to shop at a chain establishment and one that will give back to you eventually in enhanced city services are listed as follows. This list is a partial list: Rite Aid, CVS, Williams Sonoma, Gap, Ralph’s, Whole Foods, Pavilions, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Peets, Urth Caffe, Chin Chin, CPK, Chipotle, Cheesecake Factory, and Crate and Barrel to name a few, You are going to drive back to Beverly Hills anyway. So why not make one more stop, shop and collect your “refund”.

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