Mr. Alex Beverly Hills

Mr. Alex Beverly Hills is an appointment only shop that creates custom shirts, suits, blouses, and dresses using the best quality fabrics all in Beverly Hills. Every piece is single-needle stitched and finished by hand in order to achieve the highest quality possible.

Mr. Alex Beverly Hills has been around for over 6 decades and serves as both a showroom and workroom where they create every one of their fine pieces using traditional techniques. Mr. Alex himself was raised by shirt makers and tailors. His father Joseph taught him from very young all of his masterful techniques. In addition to having a master craftsman for a father, he also had an uncle as a shirtmaker and a mother who was a seamstress.

In 1971 Mr. Alex married his wife Claire and together they have created custom clothing for the past 5 decades to some of the world’s most prominent leaders in business, sports, politics, and entertainment. They are now sharing their mastery of the designing and crafting of clothing to their son Alex Jr. He went to USC with a business degree and has 10 years of experience in software engineering, which he uses to bring additional expertise to Mr. Alex Beverly Hills.

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