J. Thomas Luxury

James Thomas is an entrepreneur by trade. He is also an Author of three books and a motivational speaker. However; a new occupation was added to his resume, Abstract Artist.

“I was never interested in Art.” Thomas said recently. “I can’t even draw but my life and interest in art changed in May 2016.  My youngest brother died on the streets of South Central L.A. My family and I were devastated.  A friend suggested I try painting as therapy.  She actually talked me into trying it 2 years prior but after creating one painting I was not interested. This time was no different. I did not like painting at all! After more pressuring I relented and found that painting really did relax me but I needed to add something to my process.  I started listening to music while painting and just allowing my hands to create what the music made me feel. The result was a spiritual experience and a new love for painting. IMG_20171006_195016_409

All of my paintings are named after the song I listen to while creating and I absolutely love creating now! My first painting sold for $500 after two women on social media got into a bidding war. I never started painting to sell them it kind of just happened.

Thomas, had his first successful “Art and Wine Soriee” in June and is planning to open an art gallery in 2018. J. Thomas Luxury donated a 36×36 acrylic on canvas masterpiece valued at $5,000 to the November My Beverly Hills at The Stinking Rose.

My Hope is to have my paintings in many of the homes in Beverly Hills.




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