Avant Garde

Avant Garde is a high-end women’s clothing boutique that began with husband and wife Nader and Mireille Manesh. They specialize in selling a multitude of designer brands from Italy. They first opened their boutique 33 years ago and have been in Beverly Hills ever since! We had a chance to chat with Nader the co-owner of Avant Garde to ask him a few questions:


How was Avant Garde started?

Avant Garde was born in 1987 with the collaboration between my wife Mireille and I. Mireille has an extensive background in haute couture from the house of Christian Dior and I have an art and design background from London. We teamed up to create a lifestyle boutique focused on a clientele with a refined taste level and an eye for the finer things. With constant research for new ideas and designers focused in Italy, Avant Garde has introduced and presented many of the currently well known designers into the spot light.

Do you have any other locations?

No, this is our only one.

Where do most of your customers typically come from? Are they tourists, locals, or from the surrounding areas of Los Angeles?

We have local, regional, national and international clientele. We are catering to our original clientele as well as the second generation.

Do you have any signature pieces that you’re known for?

We are well known for our artisan selection of sweaters and unique one of a kind pieces that can not be seen anywhere else.

Do you offer any additional services such as tailoring or any sort of custom pieces?

We do full styling, fittings, alterations, custom made and wardrobe consulting.

Do you have a fun fact or anything additional you would like to mention?
We have an Espresso and mini bar on demand for our clientele.