Purple Line Construction Update Week 3/5 – 3/9

Beginning Monday, March 5 thru Friday, March 9 the design-builder will be conducting:

  • Wilshire Blvd./Western Ave. – Excavation, Instrumentation and Utility Work
  • Wilshire Blvd./Rimpau Ave. – Instrumentation Work
  • Wilshire Blvd./La Brea Ave. – Concrete Work, Rebar Steel Deliveries and Underground Support at Wilshire Blvd./Sycamore Ave.
  • Wilshire Blvd./Fairfax Ave. – Excavation, Hauling and Sidewalk and Street Maintenance
  • Wilshire Blvd./La Jolla Ave. – Jet Grouting Work Zone Setup

Wilshire Blvd./La Cienega Blvd. – Excavation, Instrumentation, Hauling and Utility Hanging


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