Spring Makeup Trends for 2016

 At Bobbe Joy Makeup Studio, we specialize in teaching women how to be the best that they can
possibly be – no matter their age.


As our weather is unpredictable, so are the makeup trends coming up for spring. Dark, black cherry lipsticks are making a return. For those fashionistas who love following the trends, I suggest our Geisha Lipstick and Lipgloss in Nightshade. Otherwise, pinky pastels such as our Paris lipstick and lipgloss are always a good choice.

Pretty glowing skin is always in style and we’re glad to see that upcoming trends are now headed back to basics with no more harsh contouring! A soft powder contour and luminous highlighter are all you need.

Finish your look with a long-lasting colored eyeliner such as Voyage gel liner in navy blue, Ivy gel liner in khaki green or Majesty in an eggplant purple. Colored eyeliner doesn’t have to be crazy or vibrant, you just need the right shade that will make your eye color pop! Lastly, long, thick eyelashes are also making a major comeback. We always recommend adding some long individual or strip lashes to give you a bit of the 60’s Twiggy look.bobbejoy