All Pet Food is NOT Created Equal

All Pet Food is Not Created Equal.
Feeding your pets is a lot like feeding your family – what they intake has a direct effect on their health, behavior, skin and coat, energy level, and so much more. Do you really know what goes into pet food and how it’s actually made? You might be shocked to learn the truth. Choosing the ‘best’ pet foods is not as easy as it seems. The quality and source of ingredients, the food manufacturing practices, and your animal’s individual lifestyle needs should all be considered when determining the right diet. If you are like most dog and cat guardians you may think feeding your pets should be as easy as scooping dry kibble from a bag and pouring it into a bowl, however you may want to think again—and, think outside the bag for a healthier alternative.

Let Them Eat Meat – Go Raw!
There is no question that when it comes to feeding our pets (and ourselves!) fresh is best. A revolutionary back to basics movement focused toward pet health and wellness, raw food diets, consisting of raw (uncooked) meats, organs, and bones have been advocated as nutritional therapy by Holistic Vets and Nutritionists for decades. A raw diet most closely replicates a cat and dog’s ancestral diet. Although they have been domesticated over thousands of years, biologically and anatomically dogs are still carnivores—cats are obligate carnivores — and thrive on diets high in animal-based protein and fats. The benefits to feeding raw include but are not limited to: healthy skin and coat, healthy teeth and gums, smaller, increased energy and vitality, healthy weight, and much more.

As pet caregivers, we have to choose wisely for those we love because our domesticated friends don’t have that choice – the health, happiness, and longevity of your companion animals depends on it! If you are curious and want to learn more about fresh, raw or alternative pet diets, the Pet Experts at Pussy & Pooch can help you navigate the pet food aisle with knowledge.

Be Well!

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