Meet Todd Orlich, GM of Montage, Beverly Hills

My Beverly Hills is excited about building our community by introducing people. Please meet Todd, part of our GMs of Beverly Hills series!

1. Full Name. Todd Orlich

2. What is your title? What do you do? I am the General Manager of Montage Beverly Hills. In my role, I oversee all hotel operations as well as sales & marketing. I also am an avid participant in our Hearts of Montage philanthropic organization.

3. How long have you been the GM at Montage Beverly Hills? Where were you before you became the GM at Montage Beverly Hills? I started as General Manager at Montage Beverly Hills in June after serving as General Manager at Montage Laguna Beach for four years.

4. Tell us more about Montage Beverly Hills. Montage Beverly Hills is the ideal choice for discerning travelers who value close proximity to renowned shopping, dining and an international business hub. Montage offers a nurturing retreat marked by uniquely gracious service, superlative amenities and memorable experiences. We want to be known as a brand that creates emotional attachments with our guests, and takes an active role in supporting the community.

5. What has Montage Beverly Hills done to make a mark in the BH community? Our team of Associates are committed to taking an active role in the Beverly Hills community through the Hearts of Montage program which hosts several philanthropic events throughout the year including quarterly blood drives, annual school supply drives, and holiday “Adopt A Child” programs. We have also partnered with the City of Beverly Hills to host a recent Walk with the Mayor and the final seminar in Mayor Bosse’s successful #BHHealthyCity series focused on health and wellness in the community. What impresses me most is the personal interest our Associates take in supporting the larger forces that shape our society.

6. What do you like most about working in BH? I love the energy of living in a thriving metropolitan city like Los Angeles but still having the opportunity to be part of a more intimate and tightly-knit community like Beverly Hills. The members of this community are extraordinarily kind, warm and deeply committed to the well-being of Beverly Hills and its residents. I am inspired by the commitment to the arts and education.

7. What are your favorite places in Beverly Hills? Do you have a favorite restaurant/coffee shop/retail store/market/wine store in BH? If yes, what is it and why? Of course, I never miss an opportunity to dine at the Chef’s Counter with Chef Freddy Vargas at Scarpetta but also love Bar Bouchon with its charming atmosphere, great menu and outdoor patio. The Wine Merchant is another favorite of mine that offers the best selection of wine and spirits I have seen in the area. And of course, Beverly Hills is synonymous with luxury fashion and the choices are endless. Whenever I need to find the perfect suit, I head to Tom Ford Beverly Hills or Domenico Vaca on Canon Drive whose menswear collections are always elegant and beautifully designed.

8. Do you know of a Beverly Hills gem? There are so many gems! The Grill on the Alley is an iconic Beverly Hills institution that continues to deliver delicious food and warm hospitality year after year. Another unique destination is The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. The architecture, landscaping, and engineering of the building alone make the property a gem, but it is the world class performances and renowned talent brought to the City of Beverly Hills through The Wallis that makes the performing arts venue a priceless and extraordinary addition to the Beverly Hills community.

9. What do you think makes BH unique/stand out from other cities? Beverly Hills has long been synonymous with glamour since the world’s first motion picture stars favored it with their lavish Spanish Revival estates in the 1920s. This chic city is now known worldwide for its unrivaled concentration of couture and designer boutiques, fine art and antiques galleries, exclusive auction houses and must-dine restaurants. At the epicenter of the world’s entertainment capital, there are always must-attend performances, exhibitions, concerts and galas. More than that, I find that the members of this community are very supportive of one another and very passionate about the collective success of the city as a whole.

10. In your opinion, how are BH customers different from those you have worked with in other cities? The guests we see at Montage Beverly Hills are very busy individuals with limited time. With so many renowned hotels and restaurants right outside our doors, we need to ensure we are constantly offering a highly personalized level of service and unique programming to ensure a memorable and worthwhile experience for both our local and hotel guests. There is a different sense of urgency and level of speed required when working with guests in Beverly Hills.

11. What do you think will happen or start trending in BH in the next few years? I very much look forward to seeing The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts continue to grow and thrive in this community. I think the performing arts will become an integral part of the culture and pride in the City of Beverly Hills. I think Beverly Hills will drive global trends in the culinary, retail and hospitality industries as the offerings in this city continue to set the bar for the rest of the world.

12. What advice do you want to give other BH business owners/operators?
Enjoy every waking moment of being in the most beautiful and inspiring city in the United States.

*Images Courtesy of Montage
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