Meet Jeff Peters, GM of Equinox, Beverly Hills

*Image Courtesy of ©2014 Zale Richard Rubins

My Beverly Hills is excited about building our community by introducing people. Please meet Jeff, part of our GMs of Beverly Hills series!

1. Full Name
Jeff Peters

2. What is your title? What do you do?
General Manager of Equinox Beverly Hills. I oversee all aspects of the Club operations focusing on new member acquisition, member service, member retention, employee development and the overall profitability of the Club.

3. How long have you been the Equinox Beverly Hills GM? Where were you before you became the GM at Equinox BH?
I recently returned as the General Manager of Equinox Beverly Hills in May. I was the General Manager at this Club in 2006-2009 when it was formerly called The Sports Club/LA. I then transitioned back over to the WLA location on Sepulveda. Most recently before returning to Beverly Hills, I was working at our new location in downtown Los Angeles.

4. Tell us more about Equinox BH.
Equinox Beverly Hills is a destination club that radiates the decadence of Beverly Hills from the gold accented walls to the aspirational members. We have a luxurious full service spa and the top trainers in the industry. We offer unparalleled service and amenities in our club, something every Beverly Hills resident deserves.

5. What has Equinox BH done to make a mark in the BH community?
Equinox is constantly trying to ingrain itself in the Beverly Hills community because we cater to some of the top community leaders. We partner with top companies in the community and participate or host events that engage and entertain community members.

6. What do you like most about working in BH?
The excitement… It’s very intimate while being trend setting. The location is amazing, everything is within walking distance. In Beverly Hills you never know who you may bump into at anytime.

7. What are your favorite places in Beverly Hills? Do you have a favorite restaurant/coffee shop/retail store/market/wine store in BH? If yes, what is it and why?
I really enjoy the food, service and location of Oliver’s Cafe. The Paninis are the best! I also enjoy the dining experience at Il Pastaio and Mastro’s. If I’m not eating, you can probably find me at Neiman Marcus or Nike Town…I go through a lot of running shoes very quickly. We are so lucky to have such great shops in Beverly Hills and I try to support the local shops.

8. Do you know of a Beverly Hills gem?
Yes, and this Beverly Hills gem actually sells gems it’s called Gems Are Forever. Zee Boyadjian specializes in loose gems, fine jewelry and watches. His shop is located at 433 Camden.

9. What do you think makes BH unique/stand out from other cities?
A large majority of people in Beverly Hills tend to work, live and shop in Beverly Hills. It’s a very intimate area as well as exciting and trend setting attracting visitors from all around the world.

10. In your opinion, how are BH customers different from those you have worked with in other cities?
They are a much more sophisticated who want and deserve the best. Price is usually not a major deterrent but ensuring they are receiving a great value is very important. The Beverly Hills customer can be an extremely loyal client as long as you continue to provide them with the service level they deserve.

11. What do you think will happen or start trending in BH in the next few years?
I always look to our members. They always know the latest trends and fashions before I do!

12. What advice do you want to give other BH business owners/operators?
Listen to your members/customers, they are very loyal and understand the market place, word of mouth travels very fast in this town.

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*Image Courtesy of ©2014 Zale Richard Rubins