Give Your Child the Vision They Deserve

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Give your Child the Vision They Deserve

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Backpack: Check.
Notebooks and pencils: Check.
Flu shot: Check.
Comprehensive eye exams: Schedule Today!

There’s no better time than Fall to have your child‘s eyes checked. As a parent or other family member, you may notice your little one holding their book too close, to the side, or not picking up the book at all. Uncorrected vision, an eye turn, or headaches related to sight may compromise your child’s school performance. Let’s not allow any eye conditions to go unnoticed. With an annual eye exam, we can help ensure your child’s eyes develop properly and efficiently.

I’m reminded of a story about concerned parents of a 4 year old girl who presented at our office. The mother mentioned that her daughter, who was once eager to learn, now seemed disinterested in school. After initial testing, I realized the bright, young girl needed eyeglasses in order to see the small shapes and letters on the acuity chart. With the help of her parents and my staff, we made the experience of choosing glasses fun and enjoyable and she was thrilled to ’look like her dad.’ Two weeks following her office visit, the father shared a touching car ride with his daughter who yelled, “Daddy, daddy I can see the leaves of the trees, it’s not a green blob. There‘s leaves!” Children are not aware of the difference between clear and fuzzy until we help them distinguish the two.

According to Prevent Blindness America, one in four school-aged children have vision problems that, if left untreated, can affect learning ability, personality, and adjustment in school. At Beverly Hills Optometry, we are committed to giving our patients, whether adult or child, personalized care tailored to their needs.

Visit Beverly Hills Optometry today and give your child the vision they deserve!


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