Alexa Meade Immersed in Wonderland

Alexa Meade is a renowned artist that creates art installations around the world. Alexa’s specialty is creating 3-dimensional painted art that appears 2-dimensional on camera. When you walk inside Alexa Meade Immersed in Wonderland, you are surrounded by walls, furniture and floors hand-painted by Alexa with various hand-painted accessories for people to wear that match the surrounding areas. When you put the accessories on, you feel like you are apart of her artwork. This is a unique experience that you do not want to miss out on!

Fun Fact: Alexa Meade even painted Ariana Grande in her music video for “God is a Woman.”

Alexa Meade Immersed in Wonderland is located on Rodeo Drive during BOLD Holidays and will be open till the end of December! See below for specific dates and times.