5 Benefits of Bee Pollen

Bees have always been very helpful to humanity in many ways, and honey is not the end of the story. In the past few decades, bee pollen has been in the news for offering certain no nonsense health benefits and athletes have been among the first to discover it. The fact is bee pollen is one of the most complete foods that nature can possibly offer. With 30% proteins, amino acids and complete vitamins, it is a power packed dose of almost all essential micro and macro nutrients that a human body requires. If you still wish to be convinced a little more about flower powering your health, here are 5 more reasons that will surely make you add pollen to your diet…

High Nutrition – Bee pollen contains a very high dosage of essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fats and a host of micronutrients that are critical to maintain healthy functioning of the body. Compact, yet power packed, a daily dosage of pollen is thus one of the simplest ways to fill up the gaps of nutrition that may exist in your daily diet. This further enhances your energy levels and stamina to forge through the rigors of the day.

Combating Allergies – While pollen allergy is a not-so-unknown term, you may be a little surprised to know that pollen is responsible for combating allergies than exaggerating it. Through a number of researches, it has been seen that pollen reduces the histamine content in the body therefore diminishing the symptoms associated with certain allergies. In fact, symptoms associated with asthma and sinusitis were also reduced with regular dosage of pollen.

Boosting Immunity – The antibiotic like properties of bee pollen builds a natural barrier which protects the body from contracting viruses. Thus, people having regular dosage of pollen are not likely to contact diseases (seasonal or otherwise) easily. At the same time, pollen also boosts intestinal flora which offers further support to the immune system while boosting the digestive system as well.

Improving Cardiovascular System – There is also present a certain antioxidant-bioflavonoid called Rutin which is responsible for strengthening blood vessels and capillaries. This is a very important way to improve overall circulation of blood while preventing clotting.

Treating Infertility and Addiction – Bee pollen is also used to treat addictions on a holistic level owing to its ability to combat cravings. Whether it is for drugs and whether it is for food craving, bee pollen in regular dosage can help combat such urges. Further, it is also known for boosting ovarian function thus, combating infertility issues in women.

Besides the mentioned, bee pollen is also known for being one of the many essential ingredients in many skin products essentially those that treat skin irritations such as psoriasis and eczema. With further research, many more benefits are sure to show up. Bee pollen is available under many dependable brands and can be available through online mediums as well. It is always wise to consult your holistic provider before choosing the brands.


About the Author: Christina Marino, DAOM, L.Ac. She is licensed by the State Acupuncture Committee with a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Marino is also a Homeopath, Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and an Intuitive Energy Healer. Christina’s practical and philosophical approach to healing the whole person demonstrates that physical healing is inseparable from the mental, emotional and spiritual healing of an individual.

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