Sushi Nozawa, LLC was founded in 2008 by Kazunori Nozawa and Jerry A. Greenberg. Nozawa and Greenberg had been friends for decades and they wanted to make a more accessible restaurant compared to Chef Nozawa’s, Sushi Nozawa in Studio City while remaining 100% committed to the food quality. They then partnered with Tom Nozawa, Lele Massimini, Cameron Brouman, and Clement Mok to create SUGARFISH.

The menu at SUGARFISH is very simplistic in that they only have 3 core menus that are based on the traditional Japanese omakase. SUGARFISH also prides themselves on their old-school sushi values. Nozawa shuns the American-style extravagant sushi rolls in favor of sushi with the highest quality basic ingredients.

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SUGARFISH also has their Nozawa Bar in a private room that seats 10 people and is hidden in the back. Nozawa Bar is a reservation-only experience that serves a 20-course meal with rare sea animals that changes daily based on the selections that Nozawa and Chef Osamu Fujita make early each morning from the LA fish markets. Reservations for Nosawa Bar are $175 a person. If you’re looking to make a reservation for the private Nozawa Bar, email