Le Mervetty

Le Mervetty is a quaint little shop of deliciously unique Parisian-inspired delicacies. They are created by the owner and chef, Etty Benahmou. Their signature menu item is the merveilleux which is a common dessert throughout Belgium and France. It consists of layering meringue with whipped cream. It is then covered with various toppings. Three different sizes of the merveilleux are offered at Le Mervetty. They have a personal size (Le Merveilleux), the larger shareable size (Le Grand), and the mini (Le Petit) size that can be purchased as a pack of 6.

Le Mervetty is a great place to stop by with the family while shopping in Beverly Hills or to bring a date after eating at one of the local restaurants surrounding the shop. You may even run into a celebrity there! Justin Bieber, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Sofia Vergara have all stopped here to enjoy their delicious treats! Le Mervetty is also known for their delicious macarons, custom-made milkshakes, and canaux. Additionally, you can order macaron towers for your next birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, or wedding!

Fun fact: Le Mervetty is a combination of their signature, “merveilleux” and Etty’s name.

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