Fogo de Chão

Fogo de Chão is an authentic Brazilian Steakhouse with a location in Beverly Hills that has been here for 15 years! The founders of Fogo de Chão grew up on a traditional Southern Brazilian farm in the Serra Gaucha. That is where they learned to cook in the churrasco grilling tradition that Fogo de Chão is known for. The founding brothers left the quaint, mountainous countryside of Rio Grande do Sul to Rio and São Paulo for formal churrasqueiro training, all while developing the Fogo concept. The first restaurant was built out of a wooden structure in the countryside of Porto Alegre. From there it opened a second location in Brazil and at the requests of loyal American guests, the Fogo concept was exported to the U.S. with a stateside debut in Dallas, Texas. The culinary team has continued the tradition of developing new menu creations rooted in the Brazilian tradition that push forward the Brazilian churrasco experience.

Fogo de Chão Beverly Hills was kind enough to donate a raffle prize of a dinner for two for our Shop Local, Get Local Holiday initiative for week 2! We also had a chance to chat with Melissa, from Fogo de Chão:


When did Fogo de Chão first open in Beverly Hills?
Fogo de Chão first opened in Beverly Hills in 2005.

What is something interesting about Fogo de Chão that a lot of people don’t know?

There are a few different things: 1) Fogo de Chão Beverly Hills was the first Fogo opened in California 15 years ago. 2) Our gaucho chefs are trained/certified in the authentic Brazilian techniques in butchering meats. 3) Fogo is the first Brazilian Steakhouse (churrascaria) that actually originated in Brazil and then came to the United States.

What is one of your most popular menu items?
Our charcoal-grilled meats including top sirloin, rack of lamb, ribeye.

What is your personal favorite menu item?
Our grilled filet mignon.

Are you offering both take-out and delivery? If yes on delivery, where can people order delivery from?
Yes, we are offering both take-out and delivery.  Customers can order delivery online at or through UberEats and Door Dash.

What are your hours of operation currently?
11 AM – 8 PM Monday – Sunday



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