FLOUR SHOP is a brand new bakery that just opened this past Monday. They have an arrangement of different signature cakes that are easy to order including their Rainbow Explosion Cake that comes in the standard rainbow color scheme or it can be ordered with custom colors for an additional charge. Their signature cakes come in midi, maxi, and mega sizes. You can also order totally custom cakes for any occasion. You definitely do not want to miss out on trying their delicious ice creams at the Beverly Hills store. They spent years developing their flavors from scratch! Also available to purchase on their website is an assortment of different party favors, plates, platters, sprinkles, kitchen supplies, and other FLOUR SHOP branded items with some items available in-store.

Amirah Kassem is the owner of the company. She grew up in Mexico where she would bake and sculpt with her mother. This is when she discovered her appreciation for fine ingredients and mastered the art of multi-sensory experiences. Amirah is an artist at heart with cake being her medium of choice. Her food-based installations have been featured everywhere from private settings at the Whitney Museum to 64-foot edible hallways at the Brooklyn Museum. Amirah is also a best-selling author of the book, The Power of Sprinkles. She has even caught the attention of Vogue who stated, “Amirah Kassem is one of the few figures in the food industry who can get the fashion set to eat their carbs.”

Amirah started the FLOUR SHOP company 8-9 years ago and opened the store-front in SOHO with her husband 3 years ago. Amirah got the inspiration to create their signature Explosion Cake from piñatas. She got the idea to combine a piñata with a cake by hollowing out part of the center of the cake and then adding an assortment of sprinkles inside. Once the cake is cut, all of the sprinkles come pouring out!



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9495 S Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA