Green Luxxe Concierge

Green Luxxe Concierge is a unique and exclusive lifestyle service whose focus is on sustainability and caring for the environment. Their mission is to offer first-class concierge service while ‘taking care of you and the environment’. Green Luxxe Concierge LLC launched in 2020 offers luxury clients a new and sustainable way to enjoy the finer things in life.

Founder Sylvia Asare began Green Luxxe during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic revealing the adverse impact humans have had on the environment. The pandemic has allowed us to see the desperate changes needed to be made across the hospitality industry. Sylvia understood that it was possible to both enjoy luxury and be mindful of the environment. For the past six years, she has been a Lifestyle Manager which is where she found her love for service and serving others. This led her to take it upon herself and take the first step in creating Green Luxxe Concierge.

Green Luxxe’s services include Lifestyle Management, Transformative Travel, and Corporate Services. At Green Luxxe Concierge our mission is to place sustainable luxury and environmental awareness at the core of our business ethos. Philanthropy plays a big part in their mission. They believe in giving back to their global community through volunteering in a developing part of the world while maintaining social responsibility. Green Luxxe attentively partners with the most sustainable luxury brands around the world to offer the best to their clients.

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