Show Your Beverly Hills Pride Digitally!

As we are all quarantined at home with our only form of connection being done digitally, it is a great time to show your Beverly Hills pride! Whether you’re working from home, celebrating a friend’s birthday online, or just keeping in touch with friends and family, we recommend showing your Beverly Hills pride on your next Zoom call! We encourage you to use your favorite photo that you’ve taken in Beverly Hills or you can use one of the complimentary images from Pixabay below!

Here’s how to change your background on Zoom: 

  1. Find your favorite Beverly Hills image that you have on your phone/computer or save one of the ones below.
  2. Login to Zoom.
  3. Open your account settings or click the up arrow next to “Start Video”.
  4. Select “Choose a Virtual Background” and press the plus sign to upload your favorite photo.

*Please note that the Beverly Hills shield is copyrighted, so do not use it.