PIQUE Health

PIQUE Health is a health center that focuses on individually enhancing a person’s physical and mental performance. At PIQUE, they believe there is a difference between functional and optimal health. They customize an individual’s physical and mental performance through proper recovery techniques and sustainable lifestyle modifications.

PIQUE Health for Men is currently offering an exclusive November offer. This offer is for the busy men out there (without endless hours a day for self care) who want to perform optimally. Investing in your health at PIQUE with this Men’s Health Optimization Experience, you’ll also be supporting the Movember Foundation. More in here!

We had a chance to interview Dr. Nell Smircina to ask her some questions about PIQUE Health:


Tell me about PIQUE.

PIQUE Health is a comprehensive health center focused on enhancing physical and mental performance. We create an exclusive and personalized experience for all of our patients. Everything we do is customized for the individual; and we use cutting edge recovery techniques and services that fit into each patient’s unique lifestyle. 

What made you decide to start the company?

We all want to perform optimally, but are often limited by different boundaries, like our environment, prior health issues, or even our lifestyle demands. I wanted to change that limitation for people. You should be able to have virtual, in person, or even concierge at home options to improve your health. You should be able to have a medical professional not only see you, but hear you about your concerns…and create a sustainable plan that addresses the root cause of your concerns rather than just masking symptoms. I was personally helped by the power of an integrative approach to healthcare, and believe everyone should be able to experience the benefits of  that personalized approach.

According to your website, it looks like you offer many services but you have a focus on men’s health. What made you decide to have that as a focus?

Men are unfortunately an underserved population in healthcare, especially preventative care. PIQUE has historically had a predominantly male clientele, but as I consistently saw these trends of men aging and not having the support they needed, I wanted to impactfully serve that need. Andropause is a real thing, and middle aged men need more support than just testosterone supplementation. There is so much men can be doing within their own lifestyle to influence how well they continue to perform mentally and physically while aging. 

What other services do you provide?

We utilize whatever services necessary to make sure each patient is getting the best care, which can even involve referrals within our own professional network. We offer a variety of integrative medical modalities. It all starts with a comprehensive consultation and customized treatment plan, which may include: acupuncture, specialized bloodwork and lab analysis, herbal medicine and supplementation, bodywork, personal training and even home health audits. 

Many of our services can be offered virtually, and all of our services have a concierge option, where we can come to you. 

What made you decide to open your business in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills is a well established brand, and a strong community. Because of the size of LA, finding your people and your community can be tough. But I’ve found Beverly Hills to be such a close knit, business minded community and I really appreciated that from the beginning. I also wanted to surround myself with the target market for PIQUE: Men in their 40s and 50s, many business owners or executives, who want support with their high performance lifestyles. There’s no shortage of that drive and focus here in Beverly Hills. 

Can you tell me a fun fact about yourself or PIQUE? 

Most of our patients have never heard of andropause before, even though it’s something most of them are experiencing! 



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