Mickey Fine Grill

Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill has been in Beverly Hills for nearly 70 years. They are unique in the sense that they are both a pharmacy and a restaurant. Mickey Fine Grill has all kinds of delicious food items for you to choose from! They offer delicious American food like waffles/pancakes, omelettes, and breakfast burritos for breakfast or gourmet sandwiches and burgers for lunch and dinner. They also offer a soup of the day option that can be purchased as a bowl or a quart as well as other daily specials!

We had a chance to talk to Jeff Gross, President of Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill to ask him a few questions.

When did Mickey Fine first open?

It first started out as Schwab’s Pharmacy in the mid 50s and then became Mickey Fine in 1962.

Has it always been a pharmacy and restaurant?


Can you give me a little more history on Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill?

Schwab’s Pharmacy was bought in 1962 by Mickey Fine and he ran it for five years. Then he sold it to another man who owned it until 1995 when my father purchased it. I took it over with my wife in 2003 and we’ve had it ever since.

Where do most of your customers come from? Are they mostly Beverly Hills locals or from other places?

They are mostly Beverly Hills locals. We are the only independent pharmacy that also delivers 7 days a week.

What is the most popular item on the menu?

For breakfast a lot of people love the breakfast burritos. People also love the Mickey Fine Burger which has mushrooms, onions, avocado, tomato, and cheese on it. The salads are also another popular menu item.

What is your personal favorite menu item?

I like the terriyaki bowl with over-easy eggs instead of the chicken to make it vegetarian.

Have you seen a huge influx of people going to the pharmacy due to COVID-19?

Yes, because people are getting tired of large chains. People want to support the small businesses right now and customers like that we are an independent pharmacy that offers curbside pickup and delivery.


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