Beverly Hills Market & Deli

Beverly Hills Market & Deli is a family-owned market with a 4.5 star google rating that has been around for over 30 years. It is a staple for Beverly Hills residents and people that work in the area. Residents often buy their groceries here and people that work in the area often buy their lunch from the deli where they offer a wide variety of ready-to-go food like sandwiches, tamales, and even sushi!

They also offer catering and a variety of platters that you can buy. The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce often purchases sandwich, fruit, and pastry platters from them. We had a chance to speak with Shawn Saeedian, Co-Owner of Beverly Hills Market & Deli, to ask him a few questions:


When did BH Market first open?

The market opened in 1987 by a previous owner. My family and I took over the market in 1989.

How has business been with the coronavirus?

Business has been up and down due to the coronavirus and looting. Some people have been scared to go out because of it. But, there have been people outside of Beverly Hills finding out about the market since we are a small market. People were able to get in and out quickly with what they needed unlike with the bigger stores. We also have an order ahead service for people so they can get their stuff quickly and we put their items into their car for them once they arrive in the parking lot. When the virus started, a lot of the other grocery stores were out of essential supplies like toilet paper and eggs, but we still had those items. We maintained our stock by purchasing those essential supplies from local restaurants that were overstocked with them and then we sold them in smaller personal sized amounts.

Is the outdoor patio open to the public again?

The outdoor patio is open now with less tables and chairs to sit at. Guests have to have their masks on and keep a 6 feet distance from each other.

What would you say is the most popular deli menu item?

A lot of people like the California Chicken which is a grilled chicken breast with guacamole and cheese. The sushi has also become popular lately not just with businesses but also residents. We have been getting orders for our sushi platters.

Do you have a favorite food item that you sell from your deli?

I like our salmon. It is really good!


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