GREENDOOR is a coffee and tea shop that uses Intelligentsia coffee. They are known for their large green doors! The decorations are definitely different than anything else you will find in Beverly Hills.

They offer different beverages like drip coffee, lattes, regular and nitro cold brews, and various loose leaf teas. They also offer foods like eggs benedict, chorizo breakfast burritos, salads, and various sandwiches. This is a great place to have a quick breakfast or lunch, and definitely an Instagram-worthy spot to take pictures! Currently they are not accepting dine-in customers, but they are available for take-out or you can order and sit at one of the tables on the outdoor patio.

We had a chance to chat with the GREENDOOR Manager at the Beverly Hills location, John and here’s what he had to say:


Can you give me a little background on the business?

J: The owner has a thing for architecture so he recycles the doors from old buildings, paints them our signature green, and repurposes them as the front door to our storefronts. We are a very welcoming coffee shop. We encourage everyone to come and hang out here. We have free WiFi and we don’t only offer coffee, we also have food.

When did you first open your BH location?

J: We first opened our Beverly Hills location in late December of 2017.

How many locations are there?

J: There are two locations. One here in Beverly Hills and the other one is located in Carson.

What is your most popular drink?

J: Our most popular drink is probably the cappuccino or the latte.

What is your most popular food item?

J: It’s all spread pretty evenly. There isn’t really one item that is more popular than the rest. Everything here is good and that’s not just me being a salesman! We test everything here before putting it on the menu to ensure people will enjoy it.

What is your favorite menu item?

J: Depends on my mood. For a quick drink, I go for a Gibraltar which is a miniature cappuccino that is steamed not too hot and with minimal foam. It has just enough milk to soften the espresso so it goes down easier. However, if I have time to sit down and enjoy my drink, then I go for one of the pour over single origin coffee options we have.

What about your favorite food item?

J: My favorite food item is the breakfast burrito.

Are you guys offering delivery or only to-go?

J: No more indoor seating, but the patio is still open. Most people call in their orders and take it to go.

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